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Weingärtner is a leader in metal cutting technology, offers a wide range of modern machine tools using the modular design concept for producing complex screw shaped components and heavy shafts. In addition automatic surface finishing machines are also available. Weingatrner’a totally flexible machining centers incorporate the following machining methods:
Turning, Threading, Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling, Boring, End/Peripheral/Hob Milling, Whirling, Peeling, Synchronized Machining, Grinding, Polishing, Measuring
Work envelope:
• Max. O.D: 1500 mm, length: 11.000 mm, max.Weight: 16.000 kg
Applications include:
• Screws and barrels for extrusion and injection molding machines
• Rotors for progressive cavity pumps and -motors
• All known compressor spindles
• Precision- and special pipes for the oilfield industry
• Large crank shafts and cam shafts
• Free form surfaces, e.g. turbines and nozzle guide vanes, cylinder blocks,
• Shafts of complex shapes and surfaces

Work pieces such as, pumps, extruder screws, compressors, etc. can be designed and programmed by Weingartner’s WEINCAD SCREW DESIGNER® Software package, and manufactured by whirling/milling/turning machines and finally polished and measured by finish machines.

For powerful 5 axis turning and milling operations with high stock removal as required for cutting parts for the plastic and mining industry, crankshafts, compressors, turbines or generator bars for power plants. The work pieces are manufactured in the most economical way on one machine tool.
Applications: turning, milling, drilling, whirling, hobbing, measuring
Impressive machining power in combination with whirling, the most economical way to cut helical parts predestines this machine tool for the most economical production of injection molding or extrusion screws. Beside this method the workpieces can also be finalized by end-, peripheral- and hobbing milling or drilling.
Applications: whirling, milling, hobbing, drilling
Peeling, whirling and the fully automatic in-process measuring of ballscrew spindles and nuts, mud motors as well as PC- and industrial pumps dedicate this machine tool as an enhanced machining center. Parts length-wise exceeding the machine base can be cut by pull through technology.
Applications: milling, peeling, whirling, measuring
Polishing and grinding in combination with a fully integrated measuring system this machine tool covers all finalization steps required for components produced on Weingärtner machinery.
Applications: polishing, grinding, buffing, measuring.


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