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A pioneer in Gear Testing Instruments, Osaka Seimitsu Kikai Co., Ltd. (OSK) is always developing gear measuring instruments for the new age, utilizing high precision manufacturing technology and software technology of machine control and data analysis. Continuous basic research of gearing, measurement and peripheral technology creates unbeatable accuracy, originality, reliability and usability.

OSK was the first to develop CNC control gear surface measuring instruments. These systems are used extensively in research centers and factories around the world.

CLP-35 S
Outer diameter: 0 to 350mm
The CLP-35 S CNC gear measuring instrument enable quick, fully automated measurement of tooth profile, lead, pitch and runout of gears used for high heavy duty power transmission. Continuous measurement of cluster gears, detail & 3D measurement of tooth surface and output with comparison between before/after heat treatment are available by means of the standard software. Up to 850mm can be measured upon request.
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