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Supfina Grieshaber is a technology leader in Superfinishing applications with many years of experience using stone and tape finishing tools, with a strong understanding of the different processes necessary to provide best results for specific customer needs.

Supfina is world renowned for their high performance Superfinishing machines in the automotive, bearing, general precision components and medical parts fields. They offer complete solutions comprised of flexible machines customised for seamless integration into a production line, while also offering a full range of stand-alone superfinishing machines and attachments to guarantee economic feasibility and high quality workpieces. Supfina also offers economical finishing systems for double disk and band grinding.

Superfinishing Machines
Plunge Finishing
Supfina Multitool
Through Feed Finishing
Supfina - 470 - 474 - 478
Race Finishing
Supfina 725 - 727 - (300)
Spherical Finishing
Supfina 778
Attachments - 110 | 200 | 210 Lean Cost Machines - LCM 2000
Grinding and Speedfinish
Double Disk Grinding
Planet V4
Supfina QFM 250-4000
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