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Hatebur is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality forming machines and tools, used to produce precision metal parts in large quantities. Hatebur has produced a number of groundbreaking products, which in turn have led to milestones being set in the history of modern massive forming. Preferred by demanding customers, who supply mainly to the automotive, roller bearing and fastener industries, Hatebur is now the leading source of fully-automatic horizontal part formers.
Hatebur Hotmatic hotformers are ideally suited for forging parts such as wheel spindles, gear blanks, bearing rings, and nuts which are produced from steel bars in a fully-automated process. Hatebur machines are impressive not only for their precision and flexibility, but also because of their ability to produce large volumes of parts at a high production rate which in turn yields good production efficiency.

AMP 20 S | AMP 30 S | HM 35 | HM 45| AMP 50 XL | AMP 70 | HM 75 XL
HM 35

HM 45

Hatebur Coldmatic coldformers produce precision and complex parts formed directly from wire. The parts produced this way are characterized by precision tolerances, quality surface finish and overall strength.

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CM 4-5 ECO
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