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Application Engineering
The product range representation and several years of experience of our team, has enabled us develop our strengths in the following fields:

• Automotive component machining
• Gear cutting & grinding for various industry
• Bearing manufacture
• Aerospace part manufacture
• High Precision Tool Room applications

Chrystec integrates sales & services through developing application engineering capability. Our experienced team of sales & service engineers exposed to a variety of products & applications over many years - from forming and machining, to grinding and super finishing applications, has developed a wealth of knowledge over a vast spectrum of machine tool applications. Additionally we have a young team of dedicated application engineers supporting machining applications.

Application engineering services include:

• Component Feasibility Study
• Cycle Time Estimation
• Process Capability Studies
• Tooled-up Solutions
• Component Prove Out
• System Integration
• Automation

Chrystec supports some of these activities through partnering arrangements with established tooling suppliers, fixture manufacturers, system integrators and automation solution providers

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